Kindaichi Lee

Coach/ Trainer, ACTS for Transformation

Mental Health, Leadership
Coaching, Coaching

Kindaichi Lee


Kindaichi Lee is a coach, counsellor, and trainer specializing in mindset and mental wellness. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, he is able to connect with and engage his participants, facilitating deep learning and action-oriented outcomes. Kindaichi has conducted trainings in various parts of Malaysia and Singapore, using experiential learning workshops to help individuals reinvent themselves. He has created and delivered programs on parenting, relationships, communication, and game-based learning.

Kindaichi has also played significant role in mentoring and developing young leaders, empowering them to make positive impacts in their communities. Some of his mentees have led trips to help the underprivileged in Cambodia, India, and Indonesia, while others have taken on leadership roles in churches and gained confidence in public speaking.

With his qualifications as a ICF Coach and a Master's Degree in Counselling & Career Guidance, Kindaichi is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and personal growth.