Carol Lim

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Carol Lim


As a former tech startup COO turned business & executive coach, I leverage my C-suite insights in coaching impact-driven executives/founders. Through neuroscience-based approaches integrating cognitive, affective and behavioural competencies I help my clients unleash hindsight, insight, foresight and mindsight, to gain clarity, confidence and capability in:

leading and managing self and teams through change, complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty

applying strategic foresight to mitigate risks and optimise opportunities in volatility

building people-centred cultures with engaged and empowered employees

disruptive thinking to attain moonshot innovation

I speak on:

Key to business resilience: the art of critical discourse, critical contradiction and crucial conversations

Redefining leadership & decision-making in the VUCAH age: a red teaming perspective

The Startup of Me: life by design and disruptions

Managing the 5-Generation Workplace

Finding the gift and opportunity in every situation with mental fitness

Rethinking learning and relearning thinking