Gerald Boh

Psychologist | Coach | Clinical Director | Trainer, PSYFIT

Health & Wellness | Mental Health, Psychology, Emotional Wellbeing

Gerald Boh


Gerald Boh, a seasoned psychologist, boasts diverse expertise in psychology, counseling, coaching, and sport science. He holds titles like Registered Psychologist, Approved Supervisor, and Registered Counselor, acknowledged by the Singapore Register of Psychologists and the Singapore Association for Counseling. His extensive clinical and coaching background spans private practice, healthcare, special needs, and education, where he assists individuals, couples, and families dealing with psychosocial, workplace, and psychiatric issues.

Furthermore, he excels in Peak Performance Coaching for corporate clients, utilizing innovative methods like Walk & Talk Therapy. Gerald's unwavering commitment is evident through two ICARE Awards, highlighting his positive influence. Passionate about research, he earned an award in 2012. He actively contributes to education, lecturing on Psychology and Counseling, and offers clinical supervision to junior professionals. Gerald Boh's motto, "While we live, we learn," encapsulates his mission of guiding individuals to reach their full potential.