Anne Duvaux

Leadership and Executive Coach, Prosperitual Leadership

Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence
Wellness, Employee Engagement

Anne Duvaux


As a neuroscience coach with expertise in adult development and leadership maturity, Anne has spent almost 25 years setting up, coaching, partnering and leading teams across Europe and Asia in both corporates and early-stage companies. Anne initially spent the first half of her career as a Ford engineer developing diesel engines before completing her MBA and later focusing on Leadership and Development. Today, as a neuroscience coach with a psychology and leadership development background, she knows how to combine goal-setting with emotional intelligence so others can realise their dreams, maximise their achievements and personal fulfilment.

Anne's guidance through vertical development helps people of all ages manage major life transitions and decisions by learning how to navigate increasing complexity and uncertainty. With Anne, change becomes an ally rather than a threat and her coachees improve their resilience, mindset, conflict management, emotional regulation, awareness, stress levels and overall effectiveness.