Lokesh Tayal

Co-founder of a technology startup company, Learning Analytic Pte. Ltd.

Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IOT)
Change Management, Change Management

Lokesh Tayal


Lokesh, an accomplished business consultant and Ed-Tech innovator, is dedicated to enhancing education methods. With expertise spanning Airlines, Port and Terminals, Defense, Railways, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Facilities, Electric and Water Utilities, Education, Telecom, and Healthcare, Lokesh's knowledge runs deep.

As the co-founder of Math2Shine, a pioneering Ed-Tech startup, Lokesh aims to alleviate math-related concerns globally. Beyond Ed-Tech, he is passionate about ERP, EAM, Process Improvement, Human and Organizational Psychology, and IoT.

Lokesh's commitment extends to meditation training, with a focus on supporting seekers worldwide. He has also developed diverse courses covering effective sales, pre-sales, soft skills such as Inculcating Discipline, ERP, EAM, and IoT.