Cindy Tien

EQ Maven and Certified Speaking Professional, P Suite LLP

Emotional Intelligence, Women Empowerment
Interpersonal Communication, Interpersonal Communication

Cindy Tien


Cindy Tien is an EQ Maven who unlocks the key to organisational team's personalities and behaviours, revealing the underlying causes that may be holding them back. With a 20-year track record in the corporate world, her experience spans from strategic sales for high-value multinational corporate contracts to a decade dedicated to speaking, training and executive coaching.

Her personal journey includes overcoming near bankruptcy, addictions, and major health setbacks, which has bestowed her the nickname of a 'Bionic Hipster.' This transformation fuels her passion to impact others as she leverages her struggles and stories to share life-changing lessons. Also known to be a top voice on LinkedIn for Emotional Intelligence, Cindy is a Certified Speaking Professional who inspires professionals to strengthen connections, conquer challenges, and claim their messages.