James Leong

Chief Financial Storyteller, Visions.One Consulting Pte Ltd

Finance, Storytelling
Finance, Executive Development

James Leong


C. Foo James is an Adjunct Professor with the National University of Singapore and the Founder of Financial Storytelling. He has dedicated his life to helping non-financial people understand the power of financial statements in a simple, easy, and fun way.

With years of experience as a former regional finance head of a US Fortune 500 company, James is an expert in his field, but what sets him apart is his love for storytelling. By weaving together engaging narratives with complex financial concepts, James is able to make finance come wonderfully alive for his learners. His upcoming book, "Financial Storytelling: Once Upon a Balance Sheet," is poised to revolutionize the way we think about finance. By emphasizing the power of financial analysis as a storytelling tool, James shows us that financial statements are not just numbers and figures but a window into a business's strength, performance, and health.