Sumedha Khoche

Insights to Innovation Expert with 20+ yrs of corporate+ start up experience, KinderPass

Design Thinking, Parenting
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Sumedha Khoche


Sumedha, the visionary behind KinderPass, is driven by a profound commitment to child development during the formative years. Recognizing that the early stages are pivotal (90% of a child's brain development occurs during this period), Sumedha saw a pressing need to support time-starved parents juggling numerous responsibilities such as work, childcare, and elderly care.

Observing the concerning trend of children turning to phones as surrogate teachers and babysitters, she realized the importance of active play, adult interactions, and multisensory activities in nurturing young minds. 

Leveraging her 13+ years of leadership at renowned companies like Pepsico and Procter & Gamble, spanning sales, research, and marketing in FMCG categories across APAC, Sumedha is now using technology to empower parents.